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Life is looking up you guys! Most dogs like me sit at animal control wishing and praying that their loved ones come back for them. That this was all one big mix up and they are searching far and wide, tirelessly, until they find you. Not me. In fact, this loud and scary shelter is ten times better than what I use to call home.

My name is Eston, and my last family cared more about the color of my Mohawk than making sure I got fed on a regular basis. The shelter vet says I have a BCS (body count score) of 1/9, which is basically the lowest score you can get.

At first they couldn't see just how skinny I was because I was covered in matted hair mixed with my own urine and feces. I was ashamed of the condition I was in and I was starving!

But thankfully the Dog Gods answered my prayers! My old owners didn't bother to come for me and an amazing rescue group has taken me under their wings. The first thing they did was give me treats and take me to get a grooming. You don't know how amazing it felt to feel a gentle human touch on my skin once again.

Finally, I gained some weight, got neutered and was RELEASHED to my new mom, Jackie! My new name is Jack Hawkins, and my fur sibling is Sadie Hawkins. Isn’t it just perfect?! 

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Pet Details
Gender Male Breed Standard Poodle Age 4 years old Weight 35+ lbs Status neutered