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"Sierra has the most beautiful smile and soulful eyes! She’s seen so much in her very few years and yet she is one of the sweetest most loving boxer mix’s I’ve ever met. She is soooo calm and gentle, and loves to be around people – especially people who are willing to scratch her belly! When she greets me at the door, it’s always with a fast moving thump thump thump of her wiggly bum and tail.

She also has a playful streak and loves to chase and play with squeaky balls! She and my other pup run around and play for a bit before working together to sniff every nook and cranny of the yard, and then just lay down to catch some rays. She LOVES to be outside, as evidenced by her rolling around on the grass with a huge grin every time we go out. It makes my heart smile to see her so happy.

Sierra takes a while to warm up and feel comfortable with strangers, and she is very submissive, so think we need a person or family who will be very loving and patient as they earn her trust. She’s great with dogs and people, though not so much with cats. She also doesn’t like crowds and loud noises. She basically retreats in her shell in those types of situations, and looks to hide under your table or seat where she feels more safe. 

Oh and she is ALSO potty trained and can be outside a crate. She just lounges around the house while I am gone at work for the day and hasn’t had any accidents or do much more than garner up her energy for when I get home :)

I’m definitely falling hard for this little girl, let’s please find her the loving forever home she deserves!"

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Pet Details
Gender Female Breed Boxer Mix Age 3 years Weight 55lbs Status spayed