We think every home needs at least one dog! And we believe that dog should be adopted from a local shelter or rescue! Don't agree? Is that because it's sad, confusing, too hard or you just don't know where to start? Not anymore! We are here to find your next best friend through a local animal shelter or rescue group, and we do it all for free! Fill out a match request form  to get started by letting us know exactly what you're looking for! 

We make the adoption process even easier when you go through us, because we do the hard part for you! You tell us what you are looking for in your next dog, and we will find it for you through a local rescue organization! We will also walk you through the application process, and give you tips and advice for when you bring your new buddy home!

We work closely with over 40 local Atlanta rescue groups  and we are all in it together to help these dogs find their forever homes! We have "match coordinators" ready to help find you what you're looking for so there are no excuses anymore to not adopt your next pet from a rescue or shelter! Fill out a match submission form here to get started!!

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Why Releash?

Why Releash Atlanta?

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Our Mission


 ​Releash Atlanta is a 501c3 not for profit charitable organization with intentionsto increase the adoption rates in Atlanta by: 1) Assisting families that want to adopt, but find going to a shelter sad, difficult or overwhelming, by using our shelter/rescue network and contacts to find the type of dog you requested, for you. You tell us what you want and we do the legwork. By providing this service and making adoption easier, we hope to place rescue dogs with families that would otherwise not adopt. 2) Providing a resource for over 40 local Atlanta rescue organizations to get more exposure for the dogs in their programs through our multi rescue events and social media campaign. 3) Giving families that need to give up their dogs a place to turn by putting them on our social media campaigns, facilitating "meet and greets", determining good homes by utilizing our adoption application and ultimately helping to keep these family pets out of the already inundated high-kill shelter.

Releash Atlanta is 100% volunteer run and we stand ready to help the community, the potential adoptive home and the potential foster home find a companion that will thrive as a part of their family. We are here to assist them as well as our rescue partners in every way possible throughout the adoption process and will continue to be a resource after they have welcomed their new family member. 

We strive to make Atlanta a better place for our homeless pets, our rescue partners and shelters as well as all of the loving, adoptive homes out there!